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Dada Cagliostro

Dada Cagliostro halts time, things do not look so clear and you begin to ask questions about order and structure, law and form. Is it allowed or forbidden?

Precisely in this space, the magic is created.

The immense Hocus Pocus of the Universe gives wings to the nerves of a true Dadaist.

Dada Cagliostro, the enchanted magician, immortalizes Dada in a magic show full of Da da da da and with questions about the great Da da da da of the Middle East…..

What on earth do you see there anyway??
Here’s a she-rabbit
She could never think like a man
Does she have hair on her legs?
All female rabbits have hair on their legs
The she-rabbit likes the balloon
How do you know?
I don’t
Another one, and another one, they are all the same
Does the she-rabbit do the balloon?
It’s not nice to talk that way
That’s how it is in life,
Everyone does what they can
I don’t care
She’s cute this one
Well fit
(When the balloon bursts, so does the illusion)
Tell me, is Dada male or female?
Dada is a she-rabbit


Magician. Born in the 18th Century. Lives in Israel. Served in the Israeli Defense Force as the HMM (head military magician). Successfully escaped from the Chinese up-side-down torture cell, a locked cage in a swimming pool and a container full of peanut puffs.
He made people and a car disappear. Wrote, produced and performed in festivals, shows and television programs. Teaches magic to children and adults and is an expert in the marrying of magic with technology.

‘Impossible’ – that’s just a degree of difficulty…..

Orit Truzman
A lady of substances. Born to her parents. Until not long ago was Orit Smith.
Wrote a book about the Rolling Watermelon on the streets of the Carmel, designed clips and this Dada Show brochure.
Dances. Following an extended stay in Australia, a pocket was created for her. She drives a Jaguar
on two wheels. She is loving and believes the future will come.

טלפון להזמנות: 09-7460957

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